Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book you?

We suggest you book as far in advance as you can as we are taking bookings at least two years in advance.

How do I book?

Once we have replied to your enquiry to confirm that we are available on your date, a deposit will be required and when we have received that, a contract will be emailed to you confirming your booking.

We would like to hear you play before making a decision to book – is this possible?

Of course. There are plenty of opportunities to come along and listen to us play, have a chat and choose the music you would like for the day. We play at a number of reputable wedding fayres/showcases throughout the year –details on Facebook/Twitter.

We would like you to play at the reception which is some distance from the church – is this a problem?

No problem at all. The travel time involved will be considered part of the total time you have booked. Please notify the venue that you have booked musicians so that they can arrange a suitable performance space.


At the reception, do you ever play outside?

Yes, we can play outside, depending on the time of year/temperature. This is entirely at our disgression as not only does it need to be warm enough, we need sufficient shade and protection from the wind & rain.  Direct sunlight is uncomfortable and very bad for our instruments.

If one of the musicians is unavailable on the day, what do you do?

As you will see from the photos on our website and social media, we use a number of associated players. If any of our members are unavailable to play, we have a small number of handpicked musicians to call on who work with us on a regular basis and know our repertoire well – you will have the chance to hear them play at wedding fayres, they are of the highest caliber and the quality of their performance won't be compromised.

Do you accompany singers?

Yes, we can and again, we will require plenty of prior notice and ask that your chosen singer provides us with sheet music for the accompaniment.

You don’t have a piece on your playlist that we really like – can you get it?

We may already have it in our library, so please ask. If not, it may be possible to arrange it for an additional fee – please give us at least three months’ notice.

Can you play the hymns at a church ceremony?

Yes, but don’t recommend playing along with the organ for tuning reasons.